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What is LikeTribe and how does it work?

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Edvin Oklopcic

What is Liketribe and how does it work?

In this article you will learn all about what Liketribe is and how/what it does.

What is LikeTribe

LikeTribe is a tool that helps companies and individuals to increase their reach on LinkedIn. We do this by triggering the algorithm. This is done very simply. Namely by having all your colleagues or friends like the post within the first hour. Because of this, not only your connections get to see the post, but also the second and third degree connections.

By triggering the algorithm this way, more people see the post and you attract more people to the page.

In short, LikeTribe is a tool that allows you to reach more people on LinkedIn.

How does LikeTribe work?  

It is actually very simple. The algorithm of LinkedIn gives you a score within the first hour based on the number of likes and comments. When you get many likes and reactions the algorithm will reward the post by also showing it to your second and third degree connections. This way not only your connections see the post, but also their connections again. This keeps the post spreading. 

How do you get a post to be liked?

If you are the admin of the company page then copy the unique URL link of the post. Next, put it in the tribe you want to like the post.  When the unique URL link is pasted into LikeTribe, the tribe will start liking randomly within the hour. It is possible that the post gets no likes from the tribe in the first half hour, but after the first half hour it does. This is because this is a random process.