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Edvin Oklopcic


In this article you will learn all about what a Tribe is and how it functions.

What is a tribe? 

A Tribe is a group of people you have elected to join. The members of the Tribe will automatically like the posts of the linked LinkedIn account as soon as you put the unique URL link of the post in Liketribe. Engagement starts immediately!

Can I use multiple tribes? 

You absolutely can. With LikeTribe you connect to a LinkedIn account, here you can create one (or more) tribes for all personal and business pages you are an administrator for. You pay a monthly or annual fee per tribe. 

Can I leave a tribe?

Yes you can. To leave a tribe go to the dashboard 'My Tribes', here you select the tribe you want to leave. Click on leave tribe and confirm.

It's that simple.

Why don't I see the likes coming in right after I post the link in the tribe?

This is done on purpose to make it look as real as possible. The people in the tribe will start liking randomly within the first hour, this also means that during the first minutes no one will  like anything.

So nothing has gone wrong, but the likes will come through later because they are distributed over the hour.