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The purpose of Liketribe and why you should use it

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Ingmar Claris

Goal & Why? 

This article will explain everything about the purpose of Liketribe and thereby why it should be used.

What do you achieve with Liketribe?

By using Liketribe you make sure that a post has more reach. This means that more people will become aware of your LinkedIn post. Besides that you save costs indirectly by using Liketribe. Many companies advertise on LinkedIn for significant amounts of money. Liketribe achieves the same results, but for much less money. 

How many posts should I boost per week with my LikeTribe account?

You should boost three posts per tribe per week. Posting three times per week is the maximum number of posts if you want to get the ultimate benefit from LinkedIn.

It is advised that you do not post anything on social media more than three times a week. If you post something more than three times a week you are going to bore your target audience. Besides, posting more than three times a week is not mimicking human behavior.

Who is Liketribe perfect for?

Liketribe is perfect for anyone who experiences disappointing results on LinkedIn. This is about the number of likes, comments and reach of your LinkedIn post. This can be both private and business wise.  For both it is important to have a large reach, this is why we made Liketribe accessible for both.

What is so important about the engagement of my posts?  

Engagement makes sure your post is liked by LinkedIn's algorithm. The more likes your post gets within the first hour, the better the post's score. When the score is high enough, LinkedIn will show your post to second- and third-degree connections of people who have liked your post. This increases your reach and ensures that your post will be liked and seen even more. 

Liketribe VS Advertising

Many companies advertise their post through LinkedIn, this is how they reach more people. This is done at significant cost. For example, LinkedIn charges between 7 and 10 euros for every thousand sponsored views.

To reach a large number of people, you as a company quickly lose a lot of money. This while you can easily achieve the same results by using LikeTribe. And for much less money. We from Liketribe will always recommend to use Liketribe instead of advertising. Of course, you can also do both.