Why your company should have a LinkedIn page

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Edvin Oklopcic

Why your company should have a LinkedIn page

Social media has become an essential part of everyday life. Nowadays, it is more than just posting photos and videos. As a company, you can see the social media page as an online business card with which you can pass on knowledge and information to your customers and potential customers.

In this blog I will give you some reasons why your company needs a LinkedIn page. 

Building Relationships with Customers

LinkedIn has more than 600 million profiles, of which a large part is actively engaged. It is a business mature platform where the target audience for many companies is active. In addition, the people who are in charge of potential collaborations are also active on LinkedIn. In short, the entire target group for the business market can be found on LinkedIn. 

When your target group is present, you as a company also need to be present. In my opinion, LinkedIn is the most important platform for this. By being active and interacting with your target group you distinguish yourself as a company from all other companies. Through interaction you build a relationship with the (potential) customer. 

Sharing knowledge and experiences

On every platform, a certain type of content is appreciated more than others. LinkedIn is a business platform where many professionals are active, they are interested in professional content with content. As a company, make sure you respond to this. Think of a content strategy that fits your target group, share facts about your company and involve the target group in the industry. By sharing relevant and substantive content that benefits the target group, you as a company can take on the role of expert. Because of this, people will be more inclined to do business with you as a company because you know your business. 

The people on LinkedIn are on LinkedIn to keep abreast of the knowledge and news in their industry. So don't just try to sell, this is not appreciated. 

Visible on LinkedIn  

LinkedIn is often used for "business shopping", when a company is looking for a company that can help them further, they often search via LinkedIn. It is therefore important to be visible on LinkedIn. Therefore, create a company page and fill it out to the last detail. People will find your company faster this way

Finding new employees via LinkedIn

When a company grows, there is a need for new employees. LinkedIn has created an enormous job board for this purpose. Here, employers offer vacancies which often receive many responses from interested parties. 

By means of a post on the company page, you can immediately inform the target group of the available positions and vacancies. In addition, you have immediate insight into who has responded to the function, by quickly going through the page of the applicant you can immediately see if this is the candidate you are looking for. 


If you want to promote your company on LinkedIn you will need a company page. You can only advertise with a company page. Through advertisements on LinkedIn you can significantly increase the reach of your content and target a specific audience. Some of the features you can filter on are location, age, gender and so on. 

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After reading this blog and the reasons I gave, there are still a lot of reasons why you should create a company page. I hope that the reasons above have convinced you to create a company page for your company. 

Good luck with getting started!