Common social media mistakes

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Ingmar Claris

Common mistakes on social media 

In this blog, I will take you through some common mistakes made on social media. I will explain exactly what the mistakes are and why they should be avoided. 

  1. Not using hashtags

What exactly is a hashtag? A hashtag is a label that you add to your post/message. When people search for the hashtag, your post will also come up, without them having searched for your page or even knowing you. Searching with hashtags will take you to pages you normally would not have come to. 

Hashtags are therefore used to get people to your page who would normally never come to your page. 

In short, make sure that your company responds to this. The hashtags are of enormous importance; by using the hashtags correctly you will attract a whole new flow of people to the page that you would normally never have approached. 

  1. Making spelling mistakes

Making spelling mistakes in general does not look good or professional. Let alone on a company page, a post on social media should always be formulated neatly and not be full of spelling mistakes. A small spelling mistake can quickly undermine the entire intention and professionalism of the post. Readers will focus on the error and not on the content of the post. 

In short, a spelling error can quickly cause a reader/viewer to only see what is wrong with a post instead of something positive.

  1. Not having a social media strategy

If a company does not work with a strategy, this has consequences for the success of the account. Without a plan you will get nowhere, it also brings the brand or product nothing. To approach the right audience in the right way, it is important to have a good strategy. With the right strategy you can analyse things, what works and what doesn't? In addition, you can work in advance and you do not have to worry about what to post and when. A good strategy of course also includes the right tone of voice, planning, objectives and much more. Make sure you have this in order before you start working with social media. 

  1. Respond to the people and messages of others

If you look at your own social media, you probably have no idea who often likes your posts. You don't remember that quickly, what you do remember quickly are the people who leave a comment.  

So if you leave a comment, people will remember you faster than if you just liked another post. This is why you should respond to other people's posts. In addition, people in the comments will also see your page and comment and will end up on the page faster. 

  1. Wanting to sell too much instead of building a relationship with the target group

You see it often enough, companies that are only focused on selling stuff on their social media. This quickly causes you to leave the page and go to another page. This happens because people are on social media to relax, so they don't want to be bothered with ads all the time.  

As a company, make sure that you take on more of a publisher's role instead of focusing solely on sales. If the content is popular, the sales will increase automatically. It is therefore important that the company page has a healthy ratio of sales, educational, engaging and exciting content. 

  1. Not listening to your target audience

Many companies still do not do this enough; they do not listen to their target audience and their feedback. Feedback is constantly being given on social media. In the comments, personal messages or in other ways. All these people leave valuable information behind. You can see at a glance whether a new product is catching on or not, hear what people are up against, what the complaints are about and much more.

As a company, make sure that you do something with this information, listen to the target group and their wishes and then respond to them. By responding to this, you will keep your target group satisfied and you will be able to grow.