How can your colleagues contribute to the company's content?

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Edvin Oklopcic

How can your colleagues contribute to the company content?

Content, it is one of the most important tasks within an organisation. Content attracts the attention of the customer, content binds the customer. Content convinces the customer. By means of content, you can achieve a lot for an organisation. Content is therefore part of your profession. Yet not everyone is skilled in creating content for your business. That's why I am going to tell you in this blog how you can best tell your story on LinkedIn.

Online stories

In general, people still use LinkedIn very little as a platform to share content. Many of your colleagues probably don't even post anything on LinkedIn at all.

Ask your colleagues at lunch or over a drink what they actually do. Usually, good strong stories about their work will come up. These stories are usually full of passion. Then ask them to share these stories online. Then suddenly doubt sets in. But why don't your colleagues post these stories? There could be several reasons for this:

  • They have no or too little inspiration
  • They don't dare to post it
  • No or limited time
  • It is often said: who is waiting for that?

Many of these people really blame it on a lack of time or inspiration. And that is a shame. These are two major criteria for creating good content. Time is also a difficult factor. You can't give your colleagues the time. But you can remove the factors of time and inspiration. You can do this by creating and preparing the texts yourself, so that all your colleague has to do is post it via his/her LinkedIn page.

My Company

Another method is the My company tab. The My company function is a kind of behind-the-scenes dashboard. Here employees can find news about their colleagues and popular messages on one platform. This is where all colleagues can connect with each other and with the company. This place has emerged in this day and age where many people work from home and therefore have little connection with colleagues. Especially in large organisations, it often happens that you do not know many colleagues and employees. Let alone that you have a connection with them on LinkedIn.

Research has shown that employees of an organisation respond more quickly to messages from their colleagues and more often share a message from their own organisation. In addition, people prefer to read messages from other people than from companies. Employees can therefore play a very important role on LinkedIn.

What are the options of 'My Company' on LinkedIn?

  • The person who manages the My Company page can prepare messages behind the scenes. This saves time for the employees.
  • Milestones are passed such as a new employee or an employee who has been employed for a certain number of years.
  • In the my company page, popular posts from your employees are displayed. This makes it easy for you to respond to them.
  • The last feature is the overview where you can see the profiles you are not linked to yet. This is very easy to link or exchange data with each other.

So these are all options for networking internally and spreading the corporate message together.

Check your reach

Is your team finally taking an active part in posting content? Then check out who you all reach. In your statistics, you can see in detail which companies have responded, which positions and which seniority level they have. 

This is not the only option. Involve your colleagues as well. They are happy to share their story if they know how and especially if it does not take too much time.