Generation Z on LinkedIn

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Edvin Oklopcic

Generation Z on LinkedIn

With the arrival of Generation Z on the labour market, LinkedIn is an interesting Social Media channel on which this generation is active. For LinkedIn this was a reason to delve into the preferences and needs of these young people and to respond to them. To do so, they analysed data from 78 million Generation Z users on the platform. But what exactly does this generation find interesting?

What is Generation Z? Generation Z includes all young people born between 1995 and 2010. This generation has grown up with the internet from the very beginning and another name for this generation is therefore the Digital Natives. They are ambitious, career-minded and want to connect with brands they can trust.


Generation Z sees LinkedIn as a reliable platform to post messages, communicate through, update their CV and view and read relevant content. They like to use the platform for networking and for learning and research purposes. They see benefits in using LinkedIn. Of all the LinkedIn users of generation Z, 80% indicate that LinkedIn is a useful platform to follow companies and brands. Also, 75% indicates that the companies and brands they follow post valuable content on their LinkedIn page.

The young people from Generation Z use LinkedIn to grow in their career.

They are open to learn new skills (74%), they want to be successful (73%) and build financial security (72%).

Involved & active

Compared to other LinkedIn users, young people from Generation Z are more involved in the industry in which they are active. They are more often active in relevant LinkedIn groups and more often view vacancies and surveys.

Willingness to change

More than 40% of the professionals indicate that they are interested in a career switch. A completely different function or sector is not a problem for this group. Of the people who actually make a career switch, 50% say they will work in a totally different sector and more than 60% will hold a completely different position. With this, Generation Z has a high willingness to change. Gen Z professionals make 3x more career switches and 80% would consider a complete career switch. However, this does not happen automatically as 68% says they are afraid that there are better options outside their current career path and 17% regrets not putting more effort into achieving the dream job.

Desired working conditions

Although salary and benefits are important, for millennials and Gen Z professionals it is more important to have a good personal relationship with colleagues at work, to learn a lot and to have sufficient opportunities for growth. Basically, these professionals want an enjoyable job that creates a lot of work satisfaction. Half of Generation Z will stay in their current job because they like it. 45% say they stay in a job because of a good relationship with colleagues and 40% stay in their current job because of the opportunities for learning and development in terms of functions.

Focusing on development

The research also shows that 70% of the professionals are convinced that success at work can be traced back to the scope for discussing personal development with a manager. 40% indicated that they would talk to a manager when reconsidering their position and wanting to make a career switch. They are not looking for a salary increase but for sincere advice on how to develop further as a professional within (and outside of) the organisation.

As you can see, Generation Z has many characteristics that distinguish them from other generations. They have different norms and values. This also means that companies have to respond to the needs of this generation in a different way. This makes it one step harder for advertisers.