Advertising on LinkedIn

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Ingmar Claris

Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the social platform for networking and business. However, LinkedIn is not only interesting as an online CV, business card or for connecting interesting people. The platform is also becoming more and more attractive to advertisers. This is because of the very attractive and interesting targeting possibilities LinkedIn has to offer. 

What is advertising?

In a nutshell, online advertising is advertising via the Internet. This can be done on various websites, Social Media, through search engines or by mail. This is done through 4 different types of advertisements:

  • Video Advertisement
  • Product/shopping advertisement
  • Text advertisement
  • Image advertisement

CPM, CPC and CPA are the three most common ways in which online advertising is paid for. With CPM, cost per thousand, the advertiser pays per thousand impressions of his or her ad to a specific target group. With CPC, cost per click, the advertiser pays for each time someone has clicked on the ad and is referred to his or her website. The advertiser only pays if someone clicks on the ad, not for the display. CPA, cost per acquisition, is result-oriented and only pays for an actual performance, such as a conversion or sale. CPA is often applied in affiliate marketing.

Advantages and disadvantages of advertising

Of course there are several advantages and disadvantages to advertising on LinkedIn. 


  • Targeted advertising on the basis of extensive criteria
  • High potential reach, suits a business target groupInsight into the result (views and clicks)
  • Suitable for long-term brand awareness
  • Control over the budget
  • Very targeted targeting. LinkedIn has unique B2B possibilities to set up a clear and sharp target group.
  • Very involved. 


  • When the target group selection becomes too specific, LinkedIn says it can't do it (because: too small group)
  • The ads are very small, with limited space for image and text
  • An irresistible offer and perfect landing page are essential for commercial success
  • Overall, 17% of the Dutch people believe in advertisements (compare that with a recommendation)

What kind of content to post?

Many people and companies use LinkedIn as a platform to share content with their target audience. But what kind of content should you share to get engagement? Our tip is to make sure you are relevant, at the right time and in an authentic way. This applies to brands and to people. Content in which people, for example your employees, are put in the picture score higher.

If you put people in the picture, it doesn't have to be stylised photos. There is no need for filters or professional cameras. This keeps it human because it doesn't have to be perfect. We also prefer to see real people who are not perfect. And who we also recognise in real life. So this is done from the point of view of H2H not B2B.

The business character

Another advantage of LinkedIn advertising is that the LinkedIn network has a business character. This does not only mean that a part of the LinkedIn users fall in your target group, but also that the LinkedIn user is open for business issues. This is of course a difference with for example advertising on Facebook. Here not only are there fewer business customers, but the user also has a greater need for social posts. On LinkedIn you don't have to give your adverts a social character.

The ease of advertising on LinkedIn

If you can get your ads just right, you can achieve much more with them. One problem with many ad networks, such as Facebook, is that they are quite complicated. As a result, many people ignore interesting features or use the wrong ones for what they want to achieve.

With LinkedIn advertising, you don't have to worry about this. LinkedIn's advertising tool is straightforward: setting up a campaign is not rocket science. Because the tool is easy to use, it is not difficult to use all the features of LinkedIn Advertising correctly. Everyone can use the tool optimally to place the best ads. With the best ads, you will also get the best results!