6 tips for the optimal LinkedIn Profile

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Ingmar Claris

Optimise your LinkedIn Profile

This blog gives you some great tips on how to optimise your LinkedIn Profile. Applying these tips to your profile will make you look much more professional and make your page stand out from all the others. 

1. Professional profile photo 

On every social media platform, it is important to have a nice fitting profile picture, because people recognise your profile by the profile picture. 
LinkedIn is a business platform, so it is important that your profile picture is business-like. So don't upload a picture of you standing on your holiday with a beer in your hand, this is fine on Instagram but not on LinkedIn. Also make sure you have a quiet background and look neat. This way you come across much more professional than in the holiday photo. 

Not only the type of photo is important, it is also important that it is a photo of quality. So take a photo of yourself in good daylight, with a good camera, without backlight. 

In addition to a profile picture, you can also upload a banner picture, which will give your profile that little something different from all the other profiles. Make sure it is not a picture of yourself, but a picture of the industry you are active in. 

A good banner photo and profile picture will give your profile a strong and professional look. 

2. Customise your unique URL 

For many people, the URL link of their profile is just a random line of text with numbers. This can look much better. You can change this URL link to a line containing your own name, this makes it look much more professional and makes your profile easier to find. 

You can change this link in the settings of your profile. I will briefly explain how to do this: 

  • Click on View profile in the top right corner
  • Then click on "Edit Public Profile and URL"
  • By clicking on the pencil in the upper right corner, you can put your name instead of a huge line of numbers 

By going through these steps, you can give your profile just the unique touch that makes it different from others. 

3. Keep your experience up to date (courses and experience)

Make sure that your experiences and education are correct at all times. If this changes, make sure you change it immediately. Your profile is your business card. When someone looks at your profile, they are interested in your function, education, experience or other things. If this information is not correct, it can lead to missed opportunities and/or even abuse. It is therefore important that you always keep your profile up to date. 

4. Specific skills on your page

On your LinkedIn page you can now also add a number of skills/abilities. This allows people to see at a glance what you are good at and what distinguishes you from others. 

The skills affect how people will perceive you as a person. Make sure these skills are right. 

Besides making sure the skills are correct, it is important to have a limited number of skills. If you list a lot of skills, it will not be credible (even though it may be true). The tip is to select a number of specific skills. By choosing a number of skills, the focus is much more on them and you can really show what distinguishes you. 

5. Expand your network

Connections are even more important on LinkedIn than on any other social media. Through your network you get in touch with people you would normally never get in touch with. Getting in touch with someone is always easier than when you don't know anyone. So make sure you connect everyone you know on LinkedIn. . 

A very good example to show the power of connections is finding a job. There will always be someone in your network who has a suitable position for you. If you indicate in your network that you are available for a new job, there will always be someone who will offer you a position. So do not underestimate your network and make sure that you keep expanding it.

6. Powerful header

The first thing someone sees when they come to your profile is the header. Make sure this header is powerful and looks attractive. Many people use a standard line about where they went to school or where they work. This can be much more powerful, so be creative and make sure you use keywords. If someone searches for a keyword, they will be directed to your account more quickly. In addition, you distinguish yourself from the herd if you use a different header than one that everyone else uses.