6 tips for the best LinkedIn post

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Edvin Oklopcic

6 tips for the best LinkedIn post

Want to get the most out of your LinkedIn post? Here are a few tips for you

Make sure people repost your post

The best form of sharing your post is getting your post reposted. For this your post needs to be interesting enough for people to want to repost it ofcourse. For everytime your post gets reposted a lot more people will see it, other than that it also gives your post a sort of status. Think of it like a restaurant, you can either leave a tip or in this case a comment or you can give out a recommendation or a repost.

So try to stimulate people to share your post within your target audience!

Earn the right to promote

You've seen it before, a clothing brand that's just only promoting their stuff on social media, eventually it can drive you a bit crazy. Social media should be a platform where you can go to relax, not somewhere you go if you just want to buy things.

When a brand/page is only promoting they will start to lose their followers to a brand/page where can go to to relax and not be bombarded with constant promotions.

So, make sure that as a company you will keep your followers warm with good and fun posts so that when you decide to promote something your followers will more likely accept it with open arms.

Be distinctive

In 2021 LinkedIn has over 660 million global registered accounts.

Most of these accounts are active and regularly post things on their page. If you want to be seen or heard through all this noise you have to make sure that your posts are different from the rest.

Make sure to stand out and go against the flow.

You can do this in all sorts of ways. Be creative, but make sure to be different to stand out.

A good example would be On instagram they always make use of the latest trends and they do this differently from other webshops. made their instagram page a meme page and this has been a great succes. And this is because they are different from other webshops.

Be brief and clear

On LinkedIn, it is important that you explain things briefly but clearly. But few people take the time to read a whole text like that. On social media, the attention span is short. People want to continue scrolling as quickly as possible. Make sure the post is not too long and reads easily. 

If you want to communicate a long message, do it through a blog, and promote the blog through a short post.  

Remember that you only have a short time to catch and hold attention.

Add images to the post

The easiest way to attract attention is by using an image. 

By adding an image to your post, the engagement will be much higher. Only texts scare people off. With an image, someone can immediately see if the post is relevant and interesting to them.

An image not only has the function of attracting attention but can also provide clarification. So make sure that the image fits in well with the text that is being communicated. 

Make sure you post regularly  

A common mistake when running a social media page is not having enough activity. It is important to post something regularly. For LinkedIn, think of a contribution, but also liking and responding to messages. 

Social media is made for staying in touch with each other, it has to be.

A useful tip for this is to plan the activities in advance. You can do this, for example, by using a content calendar. With a content calendar you can plan the posts and activities on social media for an entire month or longer. This keeps it clear when you have to post what. 

An additional tip is to respond to personal messages. Some companies don't do this, which is actually very bad. By responding to personal messages, you know what people are facing on your page. This way you know exactly what is going on among your target group.