Why do tribe members need to reconnect their accounts?

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Edvin Oklopcic

Why do tribe members have to reconnect their accounts?

Members of a tribe will have to sign up/log in  again every 2 months. This is because LinkedIn disconnects all social media profiles from a tool once every 2 months. We understand that this can be annoying, below we will explain as good as possible what the reasons are and how we made this as easy as possible.

Why does LinkedIn disconnect an account?

LinkedIn disconnects connections with tools every 2 months. This means that everyone who uses a tool/application will have to log in again. If they don't do this, LinkedIn will no longer give them permission to use the tool with the profile in question.

LinkedIn has done this to protect users. In this way no unnecessary connections to an account remain.

What does this mean for the use of LikeTribe?

As explained above, once every 2 months, someone who signs up to LikeTribe will be disconnected from our system and thereby also disconnected from the tribe. This means that every member of the tribe has to re-authorise themselves to LikeTribe once every 2 months.

-         90% of the tribe does not like, how is this possible?

After someone has been a member of the tribe for more than 2 months, he will be disconnected from the tribe. If this person does not login again to the LikeTribe platform he will not like the posts of the tribe either. This is very easy to solve. When the person logs back into LikeTribe they will be connected again and will like the tribe's posts again. 


How has LikeTribe made it as easy as possible?

In the dashboard of the tribe under the heading "Members" there is a clear overview for the administrator of the tribe. In this overview you see all added members and next to that an overview of how many days someone is still active in the tribe without having to subscribe again.

If a member needs to sign up again, the number of days next to his name will turn red.

Right at the bottom of the heading "Members" you see "Send reminder to reconnect LinkedInaccount". By pressing the button "Send e-mail" an e-mail is sent to all members in the tribe whose account has to be reconnected. In this automatically generated e-mail it is explained that the member has to sign up again and is sent the right link for this.