Creating a Tribe

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Creating a tribe

Create a tribe

Before you can get started you need to create a tribe. Below we will take you through the steps:

Create tribe 

The first step is very simple: click on create tribe and then on continue, you will be automatically guided to the second step.

Tribe type

At the second step you choose what kind of tribe type you want to create. Select here what kind of account you want to choose. You can choose from the following accounts:

  • If you want to connect a personal LinkedIn page, choose Personal. 
  • If you want to link a company page, choose Business. 

When you have selected one of the two, click continue. 

Define your tribe

If you went for a business tribe at step 2, it is important to link the LinkedIn page. You can do this by clicking on the white bar under "Select your company", select the LinkedIn page you want to connect to the tribe. 

Next, the tribe needs a name, fill in the name of the tribe at "tribe name". This can be the company name or your own name. 

Next you can indicate under the heading "tribe description" what the tribe is for and who the tribe is designed for. This description and name will be visible when you invite people to the tribe. So make sure you give the tribe a short and clear description.

Choose your plan

At this step you choose which subscription you want to have, you have the choice between a small, lite and a pro subscription. 

  • Small subscription: with the small subscription 25 people can join the tribe and you can Liketribe a post once every 72 hours.. 
  • Lite subscription: the lite version allows 50 people to join the tribe and you can pass a post through Liketribe once every 24 hours. 
  • Pro subscription: With the pro version you can have 100 people join the tribe and you can run a post through Liketribe once every hour. 

In addition to a monthly payment, you can also choose to pay a year in advance, which will save you 20%. If you have chosen one of the options you can proceed to the payment. 


Click on the continue button and you will be easily helped. This as you are used to. The payment can be completed via Ideal or credit card. 

Congratulations you have now created a Tribe!