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Edvin Oklopcic

Administrator of the page

In order to use LikeTribe, the correct link of the post must be copied and put in LikeTribe. If you are not a page administrator and you copy the URL link of the post, it will not be recognised by LikeTribe. Therefore, it is important that you are the administrator of the company page you want to boost a post for.

How to become admin/administrator of a company account?

In order to use Liketribe in the best possible way, it is important that you are an administrator/admin. This is so that you can find the right link for Liketribe. 

You can become administrator/admin by following the steps below: 

  1. One requirement is that you already have a connection with the person you want to make administrator. So make sure you have made a connection with the person you want to give the administration to. You can check this by searching for the person in question in the search bar and then see if there is a connection. If not, do this first.  
  2. Nadat je een connectie hebt met de persoon die je beheerder wilt maken is het tijd voor de volgende stap: ga naar de bedrijfspagina en klik rechtsboven op Tools voor beheerders. 
  3. When you have completed these steps, click on 'add change'. Now you or someone else are the administrator of the page! And you can use Liketribe optimally. 

If you can't figure it out with the help of these steps. See below for the LinkedIn page with explanation.

Click HERE for an explanation.