Get 10x more likes and reach on LinkedIn.

Using LikeTribe, your social posts will be loved so much more by LinkedIn’s algorithms. The result? Increased reach, likes and comments on LinkedIn.
How it works
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Multiply the like rate of your LinkedIn posts by 10x

The results of your posts depends on how many likes your post gets in the first hour. If LinkedIn's algorithm thinks your post has enough engagement in the first hour, it will show your post to the 2nd- and 3rd-degree connections of people who have liked your post.

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Connect your LinkedIn account & create your tribe

So, how does this work? You create a tribe and invite your people to become a member. The members of your tribe will automatically like the posts from your connected LinkedIn account.

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Use your member's network to boost your LinkedIn results

The increased engagement will be noticed by LinkedIn's algorithm, just like human behavior. Using LikeTribe your LinkedIn posts will reach all of your members' 2nd- and 3rd degree connections.

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From over 2,000 groups, choose who will comment and like your post. Qualify the prospects who will see your posts.

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Excellent  4.8 out of 5

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This really is a smart growth hack

Through LikeTribe we were able to grow the number of likes and comments on our posts. This tool really pays itself back in tenfold.

Peter Harvey
CEO, BlueChip

This is teamwork 2.0

After trying by ourself for months on we are now finally getting the results we wanted. Through LikeTribe, our LinkedIn channel has become what we wanted it to be: engaging.

Daniël Jethof
Marketing manager, Wanderly

Great tool, great guys!

If you are stuck with creating the engagement on linkedIn that you are looking for, then LikeTribe is for you. This tool has helped my business out! The results from our LinkedIn posts have increased exponentially. And next to that, I'm a fan of LikeTribe's team.

Yasin Mayo
CEO, Memberlog

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